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Welcome to Prudential Legal Solutions(PLS)


Tich Pasi is the Principal Solicitor for Prudential Legal Solutions who has more than 15 years’ experience practicing law both internationally and in Australia. His legal experience includes as a judicial officer and former magistrate, a prosecutor and criminal lawyer. Tich is also experienced across Civil and Family law jurisdictions. He has successfully represented hundreds of clients in Magistrate, District and Supreme Courts as well as the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court and the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal. His expertise includes all levels of criminal law matters from traffic offences and DUI charges to assault, fraud and other serious criminal charges. He has represented clients in Care and Protection matters, Domestic Violence and Protection Order matters and family law matters. His Civil law experience also includes expertise in residential tenancy law and representation for small claims/civil dispute matters.

Tich has a Masters in Law and a Masters in Dispute Resolution and takes a professional and ethical approach to the law, working hard to assist his clients to resolve their legal disputes, where possible, away from the court. He is committed to negotiated outcomes and using Court and Tribunal processes as a last resort.

Tich has a strong belief in community empowerment and this has seen his involvement in various community projects in the ACT since 2008.